Vengeance and Grace: Two Roads Travelled

Vengeance and Grace: Two Roads Travelled

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Author: Daniel R Holladay

ISBN: 1494943395

Number Of Pages: 348

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Details: 1864, the tail-end of the Civil War in Tennessee. A Confederate soldier wakes up underneath his dead horse with little memory of his past life. Isolated and wounded, he crawls to safety, managing to survive the frigid nights in the wild. Foraging for supplies, he discovers an unusual horse, who he names Dirt and a mule named Red. Saving a local Reverend and his wife in a chance encounter, the man slowly becomes a local legend, offering medical assistance, as well as brute-force solutions to the problems caused by bushwhackers and scalawags. Join “Dr. McCollum Self” as he fights murderers, rapists, and his own demons, in a desperate quest to survive a country torn in two and discover who he really is.