1.  We are located in Rochester, NY, though our products are produced and ship from Charlotte, NC.

2.  All items are produced on demand as soon as you order them.  We do not warehouse, or mass-produce anything.  As such, we do not accept returns on items once they have been created.

3.  If you are offended by an item, or what is on it, don't order it.

4.  It may take up to 30 days to receive an order, depending on your shipping preferences.

5.  We can create customized items upon request.  Just contact us at rhartmetz@hotmail.com to see if we can make it.  That includes designs on regular items, color choices, and items not yet in our catalog.

6.  We work together with Starry Night Publishing to create book and author-related items.

7.  Direct other questions to us via the above email.