The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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Author: L Frank Baum

ISBN: 1480299944

Number Of Pages: 192

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Details: A true classic of American literature and possibly the first true American fairy tale; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has thrilled readers for more than a century. First published in 1900, L. Frank Baum’s story of Dorothy’s trip to the land of Oz on a tornado and all of the fantastic characters that she meets there. Rediscover the original story and travel along the yellow-brick road to the Emerald City with Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda, the Wizard, the Munchkins, the winged monkeys and the Wicked Witch as they learn important lessons about themselves along the way and Dorothy learns that there’s no place like home.