The Wizard of the Blue Hole: The Adventures of Noldo - Starry Night Publishing

The Wizard of the Blue Hole: The Adventures of Noldo

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Author: Armando Rendon

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 97

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 19-10-2018

Details: The Wizard of the Blue Hole is the latest adventure in the magical life of Noldo Rodriguez, the boy you met in the four-part award-winning series, The Adventures of Noldo, in which he travels back in time to key moments in Tejano history. Now our hero, Noldo, is not only older, but bolder. In The Wizard of the Blue Hole, he teams up with a powerful barrio healer and his clever niece to contend against a curandero who has turned bad–to avenge an old grudge and to seize control of the city by capturing its source of water, the San Antonio River itself. We learn of his daring-do against demonic odds, which takes him into a magical place that lies under the streets of San Antonio, Texas.
In the battle against the evil Fausto, Noldo claims a magical power that has come down to him from his elders, healers and wizards for generations past. First, the barrio healer is attacked, then a guardian of the Blue Hole is the target of Fausto’s anger, but the final duel takes place as the barrio warriors enter through the secret entrance to the aquifer, the very source of the City’s life, its water, to wage a battle to the death.

Languages: English