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The Tim Strutz Is Mostly Dead Book

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Author: Tim Strutz

Number Of Pages: 34

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 25-11-2016

Details: What this crazy book is all about OK; so you have heard something. Perhaps you went to a funeral or a memorial. I am, I think… in some respect… fully or partially DEAD (like a door nail). Let me first say that I was NOT THERE to plan any funeral, if there was one. I tried to offer some input, in written form, but I had no actual control. What actually HAPPENED was beyond me. What went on there, if it happened, was NOT in my control. About the control thing: Well, it’s all OK. I learned, later in my life, that we do NOT need to control everything. We need to let life happen. Just let it go, and go with the flow. And we can, if we want, offer some caring and meaningful input. I have tried to do that, offer some constructive and caring input with regard to this insane play called Life on the Big Blue Marble. Oh; and by the way, my late life philosophy is; oops, I mean, WAS this: SHIT HAPPENS Sometimes the shit is good; sometimes it is NOT. In my last years, I gave a lot of thought (perhaps too much) to the notions of why we are here, and what “here” really means. I would like to share my thoughts with you on life and reality and the big issues of human experience. OK. I believe I know what you are thinking right now: This guy was apparently crazier than I thought. Perhaps; perhaps not At any rate, this little book represents my last bit of that thing that might be called… a legacy.

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