The Real Deal??: A Jake Reynolds Novel - Starry Night Publishing

The Real Deal??: A Jake Reynolds Novel

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Author: Keith Corey

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 68

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 25-08-2016

Details: While at the grocery store, Jake feels a tap on the shoulder. He recognizes the woman from a previous date where he accidently knocked a glass of wine on her. Could this be a chance for a second date?
Turns out, her grandparents need some help with a sale of some land in Florida. They wonder why the broker wants to charge them an out of state fee. Can Jake help?
A real estate client of Jake’s notices some unusual sales activity on some local properties. She asks if Jake can look in to the transactions. Even Jake needs help. Who does he call to see if these are the real deals – ‘Kit’ Kidder, an investigative reporter trying to get back to the top.
Jake is asked to help with a financial statement review for a local homeowners’ association. Were the former association board members sloppy bookkeepers or is something wrong?
What does Jake do about his wardrobe malfunction?
And, who is the mystery woman he meets on an airplane?

Languages: English