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The Apollo Messenger

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Author: Kenneth Scott Sandler

Number Of Pages: 126

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 23-03-2016

Details: No secret formula has ever been so cryptically hidden in plain sight or difficult to crack as the one used in The Apollo Messenger. This fast-paced adventure novel incorporates two exciting story lines. One is a deadly race to decipher a secret code in plain view on an unpretentious postcard. The other is a tale of kidnapping and revenge. The novel has two romantically linked protagonists, Eric Messenger, a former NSA employee, and his fiancée, Julia Fox. While in Jerusalem with Julia, Eric receives an urgent telephone call from his best friend and physicist, Roger Trent, who convinces Eric to fly to Cairo to help him in a matter of life and death. Roger has discovered a substitute energy formula that would severely cripple the oil cartel. By the time Eric arrives in Giza, Roger is already dead at the hands of a mysterious assassin. Eric learns that just before Roger's death, he had mailed a postcard to Hong Kong. Eric calls Julia in Jerusalem, and urges her to fly home immediately for her own safety. Eric then flies to Hong Kong to intercept the postcard. A crescendo of non-stop action awaits both our protagonists throughout the novel. Can Eric avoid the numerous attempts on his life and decode the secrets of the innocuous postcard? From Hong Kong to the East China Sea, from Miyako Island to Okinawa to Honolulu, a nerve racking chain of events unfolds. Meanwhile, Julia is kidnapped at the Frankfurt airport, and finds herself in her own series of harrowing events. Can she turn the tables on her captors? To learn how the code is finally broken and how Julia's travails in Germany surprisingly conclude, just read The Apollo Messenger.

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