Tales of the Sinai Desert: Tales of Unconventional Love and Adventure - Starry Night Publishing

Tales of the Sinai Desert: Tales of Unconventional Love and Adventure

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Author: Robert Bettelheim

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 283

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 12-06-2019

Details: THE SINAI DESERT is a place where magic can happen; a place for spiritual and mental metamorphosis, initiating its powerful impact on anyone who wanders there. The rugged mountain ranges, remorseless and unforgiving, may influence anyone in their vicinities and induce a shift in priorities, be they tourists or backpackers, traveling by car, camel, donkey or on foot. Dramatic transformations unfold; Behavior patterns, former notions and vanities can shift or change. New motivations appear, mixtures of subdued cravings, sexual arousal, spontaneity, love, rapture, hopes, and dreams emerge −, sex and romance easily flourish, often unrestrained by former inhibitions. Two couples make love and join their lives on mount Moses. A drug dealer returns to a Bedouin girl that he deserted in fear of her clan.A constructor and a prostitute find love, escaping from the Russian mafia.A Philippine girl, causes a retired colonel and an Israeli Arab to become friends in a hostage situation. A shipwrecked girl, is picked up naked by a fisherman, and rescued by her husband.

Languages: English