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Not Famous - Part Two: An Autobiography In The Third Person Of A Not So Ordinary Man (Volume 2)

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Author: Don Blanton

Number Of Pages: 760

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 19-10-2014

Details: Ninety-five percent of this book is true. More or less. However, since the names have all been changed – except like those of famous people like Presidents and rock & roll bands – you could say that none of it´s true. Most of the things I´ve had to say about all those people have been generally kind, I think. I think. If any one of those people ever get a hold of a copy of this book, they´ll probably recognize themselves anyway. I´ve written this thing for a lot of reasons I suppose. First and foremost is I want my children and grandchildren to have it. I want the grandkids to know who their grandfather really was. The second reason is because in a way it has helped me to see myself in a manner that I wasn´t able to see when I was actually experiencing the events. That´s liberating in a way. The third reason, which could easily be the first reason, is because I feel like I owe it to God to tell the story. It´s as much His story as it is mine. I don´t know if you´ll see that or not. It doesn´t matter. That´s between me and Him anyway. The problem being now is that the book or books don´t fit any real literary genre. It´s not a true autobiography because it´s not in the first person. It´s not history because names have been changed and invented. It´s not historical fiction because it´s a true story. Maybe it´s religious. Somehow I don´t think that works well either, but that´s its best home, I suppose. I suppose. Anyway, like I said, this is really for my grandkids and their kids if they ever have any and maybe even their kids if they ever have any and ad infinitum and of course all of that really depends on whether or not life will still exist then on this tiny blue planet. I sincerely hope it does. I used to want Jesus to return really soon. I´m not in such a big hurry anymore.

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