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Life Salsa: Life Lessons From the Dance Floor

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Author: Carey Hauri

Number Of Pages: 76

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 27-04-2015

Details: “Salsa” is the Spanish word for sauce, often one with a spicy flavour and rich aroma. “Salsa” also refers to a genre of dance that originated in Cuba and later spread to Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean islands. It’s a vibrant, carefree and sensual style of dance, characterised by deep Afro-Cuban beats and additional musical influences from other Latin styles. When I started taking dance classes, I expected to learn how to dance salsa. I didn’t expect to discover the numerous parallels between the lessons I was learning on the dance floor and the lessons I was learning in my daily life! As a life coach, it amazed me how basic life and leadership principles came alive through the salsa moves and techniques I was learning. It helped to make these principles dramatically more real, relevant and practical, for myself and my clients. Often my dance instructors would correct and encourage me, or explain a new salsa technique or move. While they were speaking to me on a salsa dancing level, they didn’t realise that their words and actions were also challenging me on a whole other level! I’m sure they will resonate with you also, and help you move forward and “dance” through your own life in a new way, with all the skill, confidence, energy and passion of an accomplished salsa dancer. If you’re stuck in a rut; at a crossroads in your life; not sure what to do with your life; disappointed because of unfulfilled dreams; feeling stressed, pressured and overwhelmed by life’s challenges; afraid of the future or new challenges; or already successful but want to know how you can go from good to great, then this book is for you! My hope is that my story, and the lessons learnt, will help and encourage you to be your best and live life to the full. My aim is that the personal life and leadership insights, challenges and lessons from the dance floor inspire you to be your best, and help you “dance” your way through life with purpose, passion, joy and meaning!

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