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Inside the Jungle Fence: Doing Time in a Florida Prison

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Author: Barry Bobden

Number Of Pages: 86

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 11-12-2014

Details: The Florida Department of Corrections, established in 1821, operates 208 correctional facilities and over 150 probation offices throughout the state. Which makes it the third largest prison system in the United States. It is the largest agency in the State Of Florida, with a budget of $2.3 billion. In June 2013, the Florida Department of Corrections housed 100,480 inmates, 450 on death row, and supervised slightly more than 146,000 active offenders on community supervision Florida’s recidivism rate is about 33%, which means almost one of every three inmates released from a Florida prison returns to prison in Florida within three years. And after five years the rate increases to 65%. This does not include the number of inmates who return to county jails, federal prisons or prisons in other states. If you purchased this book, then you must be curious about what it is like inside a Florida prison or maybe you are out of jail on bond or bail and it does not look good and you want to educate yourself. Whatever the case might be, this book will definitely enlighten you. I was a corrections officer for over ten years and worked in three different institutions. In this book I will prepare you how to survive in prison. You will learn how to stay out of trouble with staff and other inmates. And other imperative useful information. After reading this book you will know what to expect from the time you leave the county jail up until the time you leave prison. If you’re that fortunate.

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