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Innocents Beware

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Author: Daniel R Holladay

Number Of Pages: 430

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 08-03-2014

Details: Lester Earl Shanks was twelve years old, without a father, or now, a mother. He was totally devoid of any feeling of loss for either parent, as he stood over the lifeless, bleeding body of his abusive, alcoholic mother, whom he had just pushed down a flight of stairs. He had initiated and completely enjoyed the death of his mother and had accidentally entered into an unknown state of being that was full of pleasure and power, and he desired this feeling again. And on that day, a killer was born. Tralee Isbell Krider (Tik) was born to the west of Ripley, Tennessee. His mother died months after he was born, and he spent a great deal of time raising himself, developing insights and powers of observation that border on paranormal by the time he is sixteen. When his girlfriend, Anne is kidnapped, he begins working with Agent Dent of the FBI to recover her, but ten years end up passing. Then, Hannah, the daughter of one of Tik’s childhood friends, is kidnapped by Shanks and two destinies collide, with explosive results. Join us for a nail biting thriller, from the author of “Vengeance and Grace” and “The Long Run.”

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