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Ghost Rider No. 1

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Author: Vincent Sullivan

Number Of Pages: 37

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 19-07-2019

Details: One of the most popular Western heroes of the Golden Age of Comic Books was Rex Fury - The Ghost Rider. Created in 1949 and given his own series from 1950 until 1954, he would eventually be rebooted by Marvel Comics in 1967, then renamed The Phantom Rider."A man born to the West! A man who hates evil and the deaths and robberies and lootings that the bandits and outlaws of the Old West left in their ruthless path! A man trained by the ghostly hands of the men who made the West safe and who gave their own lives that other men might live: Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Gattett, Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, and Kit Carson."Rx Fury, travelling store owner, also known as "The Calico Kid" is ambushed and left for dead, then visited by the ghosts of deceased Wild West legends and trained to be a hero. With his mighty silver stallion, Spectre, and a ghostly white costume and mask, he fights the dangers and horrors where other men fear to ride.

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