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Forward and Up

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Author: Mike Potter

Number Of Pages: 122

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 13-04-2017

Details: There has been a tremendous amount of material written about the golf swing and how to swing a golf club. What I have attempted to do in this book is to address all things periphery to the golfer. These aspects or dimensions to the golfer, as an individual, are just as if not more important than swinging a golf club. Imagine if you will, a wheel surrounded by twenty spokes. In the center of the wheel is the hub or metaphor for the golfer in his or her most basic and simple state. Every spoke or every aspect of the golfer that I address in this book is important. If one of the spokes is broken or bent out of shape, then the wheel does not roll smoothly. Translated, if one of the aspects of the golfer’s life is out of harmony, it will affect the golfer and result in a less than optimum performance. I believe that a lot of what is written about the golf swing over complicates what the late, great John Jacobs refers to as two turns and a swish. The one chapter on Mechanics in this book has a basic tenet – economy of movement. There are many stories about my personal journey on and off the golf course, but this book is designed to help you discover your own story. It is designed to make sure that everything important to you, your wheel, is right in order for you to play better golf and so that things are moving Forward and Up for you in your life. Enjoy the process!

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