Elusive Eden Elucidated: Nautical Noah Vs. The Naughty Nephilim - Starry Night Publishing

Elusive Eden Elucidated: Nautical Noah Vs. The Naughty Nephilim

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Author: D. George Harrison

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 176

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 14-01-2016

Details: The Genesis and Exodus stories in the Jewish Tanakh and Christian Old Testament are indeed “simple” expressions of events long past, especially the stories about the Garden of Eden and Noah’s ark. By twenty-first century standards, they are now deemed by many to be so simplistic as to be irrelevant at best, or at least fabrications to be mocked as baseless. These stories are neither irrelevant nor fabrications, as I hope to demonstrate via legitimate science and mainstream Christian/Jewish-scripture—without compromising either’s intent or integrity.
This book is all about trying to understand origins and ancient events as they relate to the Genesis stories. This is not about a new theology and not a new view of scriptural intent. It is about dealing with the physical to better appreciate the metaphysical.
So, it’s time to fasten seatbelts, place seat-backs and tray-tables in their full upright position, and stow preconceived notions and blinders in the overhead storage compartments…

Languages: English