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Destiny's Son

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Author: Sharon Sullivan

Number Of Pages: 100

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 23-06-2015

Details: As the retired Marine lay imprisoned in his hospital bed, enduring his fifth stage of Parkinson's Disease, he was visited by thirteen different ghosts, each one with stories and events of the past and future. Soldiers appear to him from the Civil War, including an Indian medicine man that walks through the portal of time on his pathway to John. He brings a message to him explaining that all his questions of life will be completely answered when he crosses over. John was always fascinated by the Civil War Era, and he was an obsessive reader on the subject. On the day of their eighteenth wedding anniversary, John dies gasping his last breath with his eyes open looking at his wife. His widow then seeks her own journey after his death, meeting T, a year later in Middletown, Ca. They instantly recognize each other's souls from a past life .Ironically they were born on the same day and only an hour apart, in the San Francisco Bay Area. They decide to have a regression with Dr. Virginia who lives along the "Lost Coast" in Northern, Ca. The adventure develops with the discovery that John, T and I knew each other during the Civil War in Middletown, MD. After flying to Belize in Central America, they have a beach wedding making new friends who just happen to live in MD. Traveling back East and investigating their past lives by ghost hunting, they find a hidden treasure that ultimately leads to a secret that was buried for years. The conclusion will melt your heart, believing in love and the gift of being a student in the universe of life, knowing we are all connected souls. As the search for "Destiny's Son" unfolds, the chance of fate appears.

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