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Children's Guide on How to Live Life the Right Way

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Author: Azlan MD

Number Of Pages: 176

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 28-05-2015

Details: Sometimes busy parents overlook that it is their responsibility to teach their children the right way to live. The results of this lack of home-based education about values, ethics, and making good choices can create children who are aggressive, lack social skills, and have difficulty interacting with others. In his guidebook for parents and children alike, a father of two shares tips, advice, and innovative ideas about how to raise children to do the right things, and ultimately live a fulfilling life. Azlan MD relies on his personal experiences as a father and son to provide guidance on how to build character, teach good behavior, and instil values in children. Azlan begins by stressing the significance of family in society, the importance of using manners when meeting others, and all the ways our behavior can affect those around us. His guidance includes advice on how to remain safe in a variety of settings, act in public, and fix mistakes. Included are thought-provoking questions for little ones, three short stories with valuable life lessons, and tips for young parents.

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