Carlsbad Blue - Starry Night Publishing

Carlsbad Blue

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Author: Murray Levy

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 242

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 16-10-2016

Details: On the surface the city of Carlsbad is delivered as advertised. One hundred miles from Los Angeles in northern San Diego County, it seems as different as being on another planet. With beautiful uncrowded beaches, citizens who are always happy to say hello and invite you to participate in their wonderful organizations and city sponsored commissions.The public school system resembles Eisenhower's 1950's, with fresh faced students striving to receive admission to the finest colleges, and maybe return to raise their families.

But the wind of change have picked up a devilish 'Santa Ana" that will play havoc with various citizens to force them to make choices they would never consider.

The mayor who can't make up his mind for development and promptly disappears. A visit from some space sluts who lure the weak into uncompromising situations. A transgender assassin who seeks revenge on a former comrade-in-arms. The appearance of an angel to make the community behave. There are also unusual love connects, and a boy who is ever hopeful that it will all work out. The dark and the light converge to make Carlsbad finally, one damn interesting place.

Languages: English