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Buttons - Book V

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Author: Rene Bouche

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 506

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 13-04-2018

Details: Emily is in New York City doing a photo shoot for a major fashion
magazine while Lance and Olivia have returned to their Paris apartment
over Bon Ami. For several days they’ve been stranded by a huge snow
storm with their friendly massage therapist Larry Leduc. Larry has
finally left and Lance and Olivia are in bed rehashing their experience
with him and some of the things that were suggested for future fun and
games. Jamie Anastasia, is Larry’s nephew, and Olivia has said she’d
be open to have him come over with Larry at a future date for a
four-handed massage and whatever else might transpire. Lance speaks.

“You’re sure you want to do this?”

“Set it up.”

"So would both Jamie and Larry would spend the night?”

“Of course.” She gave me a little kiss on the nose. “You might have to
sleep in the guestroom… would that be all right?”

“You mean after we all did it, I’d leave and you’d spend the rest of the
night in bed with just the two of them.”

“Unless you wanted one of them to go to the guest bedroom.”

“What do you want?”

“You know what I want.”

“Yes, but I want to hear you say it.”

"I want Larry and Jamie to spend the rest of the night in bed with me
so they can wake up in the middle of the night and do me whenever
they want and then do it again in the morning before we get up. And
finally, my darling, after we all have a nice long breakfast in our cozy
kitchen, I want Jamie to take me back to the bedroom, by himself, and
do me at least once or twice more before they leave.”

“Damn Olivia, this really excites you doesn’t it?”

“Almost as much as it excites you."

Languages: English