Buttons - Book II - Starry Night Publishing

Buttons - Book II

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Author: Rene Bouche

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 514

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 13-04-2016

Details: Lance and Emily discover a small house on the far side of their property, inhabited by the famous sculptor Rudy Bonofazio. He and Emily’s grandmother had been lovers before she passed away and planned to sculpt a nude marble statue of her, but it never happened. In hopes of having Emily pose for him, he has asked to see all of her natural beauty after she partially disrobed. Being proud of her body as well as a bit of an exhibitionist, she agrees to get naked.

She made sure that she had his undivided attention, removing first her shoes and then her socks. She turned her back and bent over just enough; not too much, just so it would give her body a nice gentle curve as she started pushing her thin black running shorts over her hips, pausing for a brief second as she exposed the top half of her sumptuous buttocks. Then she carefully inched them down just below the bottom half of her cheeks before releasing the fabric that floated like a puffy parachute to the dusty floor.

She continued to face away from his greedy eyes so he could drink in the beauty of her back side. Then she bent slightly, froze, held the pose, and stepped out of her shorts before straightening back up. The show had just begun.

To some men, he was looking at her premiere side, and she was in no hurry to turn around. Hands on hips, head turned just enough so she could see where his eyes were looking, she twisted her body so the muscles of her back rippled and pulled her buttocks tight. She retrieved her shorts from the floor, but in the process remained bent over so he’d have a clear view of her full round cheeks, taught muscular hamstrings, and perfectly shaped calves. In this position, with her legs spread, she provided a pixy hint of the furry show that was seconds away. If Rudy had been Blackie, right about now his tongue would have been hanging out and he’d be panting.

“Turn around. I need to see all of you.”

Languages: English