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Buckle Boots

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Author: Mark Thomas

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 24

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 29-05-2014

Details: “When it was a bright blue day, we could go and ride all day. We would ride until the stars came out at night. Not stars, but streetlights ruled our world. In the Summer, they meant an end to the day. In the Winter, they meant a few more hours left to play.” In days long gone, back when life was simpler, or at least seemed to be, a young man spends his days playing in snow forts, and dodging the neighborhood bully. Life seems to be nearly perfect, lacking only one thing: a new pair of buckle boots. His old pair of zipper boots took too long to take on and off, the zipper always getting stuck. Plus, they leaked and his feet always seemed to be wet. But buckle boots were better. The felt better and smelled better, and the marvelous “klink klop, klink klop” sound they made, was music to the ears. But, one day, a visit to the shoe store, doesn’t go quite as planned. Will he finally get that pair of buckle boots he has longed for, and will they live up to his expectations? Join us and find out.

Languages: English