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Breaking the Chains of New-Age Thinking

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Author: Tony Sciarratta

Number Of Pages: 64

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 10-07-2016

Details: In May of 2014, I met the person that would have the biggest impact on my life. She is my muse. We started talking about many things concerning our lives including our thinking on spiritual matters. From these talks, she gave me the inspiration to write this book. We would talk about words that we used to say things to others and the impact that those words have on the outcome of things. We started looking at these words and talked about how we felt about them. We would also discuss options on other good words to use. This progressed into looking at words that are common in the new age world. This then had us looking at the thinking and teachings of new age and religion. I added some of my life story to show how I came to my understanding on the subject. This book does not tell you how or what to think, or how to live your life. As you read this, I want you to take the time to think about it. I hope that your will go back and reread parts of it to help you on your growth and understanding of things in this life. I ask that you read this book with an open mind. Do not be afraid of growing with this book. You may not agree with everything I have written. I understand some of the material will upset many people. If this happens, I have written the book correctly since it will make you think about what is right for you. This book is what I think and feel and they are my truths in this life. Everything is my opinion and comes from my spiritual being. You should take it that way until you either accept all or parts of it…or reject it all. That is your choice to make and not mine. Take the time to learn and understand the things in this book, especially those that you may not know or understand. Once you grasp them, then you can find your truth on it.

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