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Blood Lineage (Blood Bound)

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Author: Liz Mahaffey

Number Of Pages: 818

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 27-01-2019


When the Spirit of Annie resides inside the woman with red hair, Ease troublesome conscience; Care needs taken, much to beware.  Thrice born, twice risen, (woe) one falsely given; When Spirits split, old ghosts put to rest. What Walks Far is hard to catch. A strong mate worth winning is far the best. Love (is) never forsaken. Give back token taken. Look to increase family of worthy bloodlines. Heed the stone; join the bone. Two heads are better than one; your true destiny is sublime.
Prophesies were like legends, difficult to decipher fact from fiction. The Arapaho Grandfathers told of a benevolent White Wolf, the daughter of a revered Hiincebiit who had saved the Algonquian from other giants. She would appear when the People had need of her to protect them from the little spirit blood drinkers and Hecesiieihii. Other tribes in the Northwest fearfully spoke of the same White Wolf, a woman that was a Ghost Walker, a necromancer, able to raise Spirits, send them forth into battle, or capture their Souls.
Staying behind in Idaho with his reincarnated red-headed wife, while the rest of his crew returned to the Foundation, Madadh's thrust in their Dragon raising efforts was to chase down the last living descendant of the Ri Ruriech, Cuar. Whether or not Cuar's daughter and this White Wolf Woman were one and the same was yet to be proven. Madadh's teams were busily investigating every promising lead uncovered on the Draugar in league with Camazotz.
With Madadh's unique ability to 'read' memories, finding a few of those Draugar would gain them crucial intelligence. The biggest obstacle was finding a live one. Someone out there was effectively eliminating his suspects. That wasn't Madadh's only problem. That Spirit of Annie wasn't anything like he'd expected. She was more the wraith at times, come back to extract her vengeance, haunt him for his past sins. So what the hell had

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