Beyond Lilla

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Author: Tracy Fontaine

Number Of Pages: 324

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 22-07-2013

Details: Hovering over her wrinkled body, Lilla realizes she didn’t go to heaven. She’s stuck here among the living as a ghost. That magic light never appeared to take her to her dead husband, Sam, but she vows to find a way to spend eternity with him. When she begins searching, she slams into stone walls and scares people. Her unintentional hauntings earn her legions of unwelcome fans vying to prove the existence of this new ghost. Eventually, she learns how to get around from many spirits inhabiting her new world, and even protects some living relatives. She barely survives an attack by a vicious spirit, which leaves her disfigured and cynical. As time passes, she becomes so desperate to learn how other souls cross over, she commits a frightful act.

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