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Vasilisa and the Wolves

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Author: Rand Darrow

Number Of Pages: 172

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 17-05-2019

Details: Nicholas and Elena live in a small log cabin outside of Novgorod. The wind god, Stribog, has blasted a winter storm and Nicholas goes for firewood. While gathering wood an owl, Ruslan, a changling spirit, snatches Nicholas’s hat and tosses it to the wind. Nicholas tries to retrieve it, but gets lost and soon falls asleep. He is awakened by a voice. It is Vasilisa. She leads him back home. Elena is outside calling for Nicholas. When she returns to the cabin he is on the floor. He awakens but he is not the same Nicholas. His eyes have changed color and he calls for a woman name Vasilisa. Weeks pass and Nicholas ignores his new bride, Elena. He has conversations with Vasilisa, but she is invisible. Elena feels her husband has lost his mind and she is alone and frustrated.

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