The Count of Monte Cristo (Starry Night Classics)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Starry Night Classics)

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Author: Alexandre Dumas

ISBN: 1508530750

Number Of Pages: 714

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Details: In post-Napoleonic France, Edmond Dantes is torn from his near-perfect life, and thrown into an unescapable prison, where he learns of a hidden treasure. Managing to escape, he finds the treasure and uses it to create a new identity; the mysterious and powerful Count of Monte Cristo. Then he plans to carry out the destruction of the three men responsible for imprisoning him. But, will his plans have devastating consequences for the innocent as well? Join us for one of the most exciting adventures ever written, a fixture of Western literature, and a story of hope, justice, courage, vengeance, and mercy, written by the author of “The Three Musketeers.”