Roughing It

Roughing It

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Author: Mark Twain

ISBN: 1496029542

Number Of Pages: 498

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Details: Written as a prequel to his highly-successful first book, “Innocents Abroad,” Mark Twain continued to excel in the area of humorous travelogues, with an engaging blend of tall tales and autobiography, that will dazzle the reader. Spending six years journeying around the Wild West, San Francisco, Nevada, and Hawaii, a young Twain, fresh from a stint as a Confederate soldier, hopped aboard a stagecoach, and headed out with his brother, Orion, who had been appointed Secretary of the Nevada Territory. Along the way, he visited Salt Lake City, prospected for gold, and became a writer. Join us for an early dose of Twain’s rough-hewn humor, in the full-version of this classic adventure.