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Love Returns Through the Portal of Time (Volume 1)

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Author: K S Michaels

Number Of Pages: 314

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 31-05-2015

Details: The title, Love Returns through the Portal of Time, is, in itself, a mouthful of mystery. The suspense takes hold from the turn of the very first pages as Gayle, the witch from Jason’s incessant childhood nightmares, is burned at the stake in a time where witchcraft was something from the forgotten past. Unbeknownst to Jason’s parents was a gift of healing that developed from the trauma of his childhood, the burns he received from his dreams. Shifting through time as the story unfolds, the souls of two people find how difficult, and yet, how easy, it is to remain together through the toils of eternity. The story culminates with the totally unexpected. The past comes to meet the present with only visions to guide the way. A time capsule is discovered. Its contents are both shocking and yet, expected and confirming. One could only wonder what Mike might leave for himself in a time capsule to be found by him in a future incarnation. And what of the lady in white? Was she from the past, future, or both, now that they finally found each other?

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