Homer: Your Roadblock to Division I Baseball

Homer: Your Roadblock to Division I Baseball

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Author: David Gronsky

ISBN: 1523991062

Number Of Pages: 84

Publisher:  Starry Night Publishing

Details: Thanks for the interest, but… The information in this book is for baseball players and the parents of baseball players who have ever been totally screwed by the other adults in the baseball world. If you happen to be one of these other adults who did the screwing (usually to help your own kid) or if you have ever, at any tie or any place, umpire a baseball game…STOP READING IMMEDIATELY! PUT THE BOOK DOWN! YOU ARE BANNED FROM READING THIS BOOK! Have a nice day. Yep, I have a major chip on my shoulder when it comes to many of the people in sports who “volunteer their time,” so writing this book was actually very therapeutic. If you kid was ever don an injustice by a coach (or another parent) in the sports world, hopefully reading this book will be therapeutic for you also. I don’t know why, but whenever something crummy happened to me and I found out that the same thing happened to other people, I always felt better. Since that kinda sucks, this is about sharing my story so people can compare their stories and maybe feel better. I hope you will laugh out loud as I make total jackasses out of these guys that screwed your kid in the baseball world. It’s the least I could do.