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Blood Wroth - Part 1: The Cave (Blood Bound)

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Author: Liz Mahaffey

Number Of Pages: 744

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 21-01-2019

Details: Blood Wroth continues the enthralling tale that commenced with Blood Claimed.Overcoming an enigmatic early childhood, and a few bumps along the way, Doctor Chance McMillan, wolf biologist, had nevertheless resolutely pursued his dreams. Committed to saving the species closest to his heart, he'd become a wildlife Veterinarian with the USF&WS Wolf Reintroduction program. Dreams turned to nightmares when he'd awakened in a cage in the field, with a tracking collar around his neck, a dart embedded in his ass, and one hellava hallucination.It was only the beginning of Chance taking what would prove the most extraordinary journey - that of the prophesied 'Healer' of the Blood Bound. Their fate rested in the hands of the young doctor who had been raised without the slightest clue of who or what he was. Twenty-first century technology and science won't be the only wherewithal needed to heal the fractured remnants of the once great people called the Derkesthai. Threads of these shape-shifting former gods and heroes were woven into the rich tapestry of eons of multi-cultural legends and myths, distant memories, many at the root of modern-day tales of horror. Deciphering medical anomalies, separating fact from fantasy, will prove as challenging for Chance as it is to deal with his supposed mentors: Michaela, Madadh, Jacques, and Gregori.One hundred and thirty years Michaela had waited. Waited and watched the boy grow into the man who was destined to become her mate, that part of Zee's prophesy kept secret from the rest of her crew. That explosive revelation was only one of several that were coming home to roost with the arrival of the Healer. Hadn't Zee foretold that with the coming of the Healer, it would precipitate other events? Madadh was anxious to rebuild the family he'd lost, find the woman that housed the reincarnated Spirit of his dead wife, make amends, assuage the guilt he'd carried for over three centuries. Never idle with his grand designs and schemes, Jacques had

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