A Pet Groomer's

A Pet Groomer's "Tail" All: Setting the Record Straight

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Author: Lynda Hunerwadel

Number Of Pages: 104

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 12-08-2015

Details: Typically, where animals are involved in any capacity, there will inevitably be colorful stories to tell. It is a natural consequence of the fact that by nature animals are uninhibited creatures. They are not bound by a proper code of behavior; their actions are unabashed and in your face. No one is better positioned to observe and fully appreciate their unpredictable behavior than a pet groomer. If we allow ourselves a robust sense of humor, we will soon discover that their endless variety of antics will amaze, fill us with wonder, and provide us with hours of pleasure. I have chosen to lay bare every facet of the pet grooming profession with no sugar coating. The facts herein represent the raw truth. Happily, the better part of that truth is fun, productive, and rewarding. The dark side, however, is sad, dangerous, and disgusting. What follows is a candid account of that truth--the daily interactions of one pet groomer with the pets and their owners over a span of thirty-seven years. So come along with me for a peek inside the fascinating and always capricious world of pet grooming. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed living it.

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